Weekend Reading

1. I've been dying to buy one of these since Design Sponge featured them a few years ago, but this amazing DIY will save me tons of cash! 2. Oh my god, I've gotten so much joy out of reading this.  I probably shouldn't admit that.

3. I'm not the biggest fan of Los Angeles and this expresses my sentiments perfectly.  Way to leave Los Angeles in style.

4. Here's some sick styling/design/interior design eye candy from Society Social's launch magalog.

5. A great and easy summer dessert recipe.

6. Styling ideas for your hair.

7. Crazy cute Brooklyn hipster-themed cookies.

8. This nursery is more sophisticated than my entire apartment.  I am jealous of this baby.

9. A brilliant idea: turn your emails into real-life postcards via Postcardly.  You can test the waters for free!